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Babe Ruth 16-18 Baseball was born in 1966 and has increased steadily since its inception. The 16-18 division is designed to provide organized regulation baseball competition for 16, 17 and 18-year-old players as a development plateau where they can continue to learn and practice those principles which will help carry them through to a satisfactory and productive adulthood.

The 16-18 division was organized because Babe Ruth League, Inc. was aware its job was far from completed. No organization was making available similar opportunities for young players once they had surpassed the Babe Ruth 13-15 baseball age. Just as the 13-15 Division filled a gap, the 16-18 Division was designed to address a similar void.

In the 16-18 division, which is played under regulation baseball rules, can be found the opportunity to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, fair play, high morality and democratic spirit which the participant has learned at the Babe Ruth 13-15 level. The primary objective of the 16-18 division is to provide a community-level program which eventually gives the players an opportunity to participate in the 16-18 World Series.

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