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Babe Ruth League, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to serving all youth, both boys and girls. Since its inception in 1984, Babe Ruth Softball has shown tremendous growth. It has become a premier softball program throughout the United States and Canada.

Babe Ruth Softball is designed for girls ages five through eighteen. Age divisions offered are 12 & Under, 16 & Under, and 18 & Under. Leagues are encouraged to organize optional 10 & Under teams within the 12 & Under division, and 14 & Under teams within the 16 & Under division, but are not required to do so.

The primary emphasis of Babe Ruth Softball is on the local league season: education, skill development, participation for players at all levels of athletic ability, and to ensure the participants have FUN.

Babe Ruth Softball's structural hierarchy evolves from the very heart of the program: the local league. Local leagues are organized into Districts. Districts report to the State level. States are grouped into eight regions. District, State, and Regional Softball Commissioners provide guidance and direction for the areas under their jurisdiction.

Leagues chartered with Babe Ruth Softball operate with simplicity, democracy, and much autonomy within the framework of Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules and regulations. Leagues are formed within defined and registered geographical boundaries. Dual-participation may be allowed at the local league's discretion. Babe Ruth League, Inc. places no undue restrictions on the local league, a fact that sets it far apart from all other programs.

A highlight of Babe Ruth Softball is its annual tournament trail. Tournament teams from each local league are eligible to participate in District competition with winners advancing to the State and Regional levels. In 1999, Babe Ruth Softball debuted its first 12 & Under World Series and 16 & Under World Series. Eight regional champions from across the United States and Canada compete in each World Series.

World Series play commences on a Saturday with four days of round-robin competition. The participating teams are divided into two brackets for round-robin play. Each team is guaranteed four games. The first, second, and third place teams from each division in the round-robin will advance to double-elimination play, which begins on the following Wednesday with championship game played on Saturday.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. provides transportation to the World Series, as well as housing and meals for all participants and coaches, at no cost to the participating teams. There is no entry fee for the official Babe Ruth Softball tournament trail. Babe Ruth Softball intends for every child that has a desire to participate in the sport to be able to do so. Babe Ruth Softball is the fastest growing division in Babe Ruth League, Inc.

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