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  • Renew League Charter
         Submit in January
    Update # teams later if estimates were off
  • Obtain Insurance Coverage
  • Boundary Description
          Review with your Commissioner to be yours is up to date
  • Accept players only within your boundaries
         Get rule book, read and follow it
         Consult with your Commissioner ? we want to help you!!
  • State Dues of $7 per team to State Commissioner before 1st game
  • Submit Team Rosters
        Before 1st League Game

            1 copy each to headquarters,State & District Commissioners
  • Submit League Schedules
    1st Game
               1 copy each to headquarters,State & District Commissioners
  • Review and Sign All Star Rosters
               Use the Official Tournament Roster forms
               Your signatures means you are certifying
                        1. all players meet eligibility requirements
                        2. all players birth information is accurate
                        3. all players reside with your official boundaries

               Verify team binder contains all required support documetns
               Tournament packets sent from Trenton in early June
               Mail copies to headquarters and State Commissioner.

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