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Why Babe Ruth?


The Babe Ruth National Web site is located at http://www.baberuthleague.org.


All Babe Ruth programs are structured so that the Local League is the dominant organization. Your Bylaws, rules of play (in accordance with the rules of Babe Ruth League, Inc.), and Board structure is solely at your discretion. Babe Ruth prides itself on being an "Enabling Organization," not an obstacle.


Our insurance is a major selling point for Babe Ruth League, Inc. That is because it:

• Runs for one full year covering all baseball and softball programs--spring, summer, fall, and winter.

• Covers all players, league officials, board members, drivers, umpires, coaches, etc.

• Covers all events, including non-Babe Ruth tournaments, scrimmages, etc., simply requiring the League President's approval

• Liability Coverage at two levels, $1M or $2M

• Very affordable with stable rates

• Board of Directors and Officers insurance is available


• You may charter the Division(s) that meets your needs: Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth 13-15 Baseball, Babe Ruth 16-18 Baseball, Babe Ruth 12U Softball, Babe Ruth 16U Softball, and Babe Ruth 18U Softball.

• If a League has more than 10 teams in any one tournament age group, the league must establish separate divisions; however, these all fall under the same charter. Babe Ruth does not require a split into separate divisional charters.

• The structure and method for establishing your Board of Directors is strictly up to the local league.


• All baseball and softball Divisions have some form of District, State, Regional and World Series post-season tournaments available. There are World Series baseball tournament trails for the 10-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds, 14-year-olds, 13-15-year-olds, and 16-18-year-olds. There are also invitational tournaments for the Cal Ripken Leagues up to Regional tournament play for the Rookies (7-8 year-olds), 9-year-olds, and 11-year-olds.  There are World Series softball tournament trails for the 12U and 16U age groups.  There are also invitational tournaments for the 8U, 10U, and 14U age groups.

• Generally, the tournament season runs through the month of July with World Series tournaments in August.

• Regional champion player and coach travel expenses for World Series tournaments are paid by Babe Ruth League, Inc.

• Every league has an opportunity to host tournaments (District, State, and Regional). You simply need to request one and upon State and Regional approval, it's yours. We do try to spread them around from year to year.


State Dues and National Charter Fees (Baseball and Softball National fees are listed on Charter documents).


You establish the geographical area encompassed by your charter in conjunction with the District Commissioner.  Once the State Commissioner has endorsed the boundaries, they are sent to Headquarters for final approval.  You may not register players from outside of your approved geographical boundaries.  Your boundaries are protected by the State and by Babe Ruth League, Inc.


Baseball and Softball have a Statewide volunteer staff with a singular purpose; to support its assigned leagues. We are here for you and whenever you think you may need assistance, we'll be there, whether it is at games, meetings, or anything else you need.


Joining Babe Ruth League, Inc. is a decision that we believe will enrich your local program. We offer far more local league autonomy than you will have with any other organization.  We provide a rich post-season program, and you may participate in non-Babe Ruth events with the approval of YOUR League President.  The Babe Ruth Insurance will cover you for these events as long as the player is on an Official Babe Ruth Roster and is a player from your league.


To request a Charter Kit, please contact the Headquarters Call Center at 1-800-880-3142.

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